What’s great about pneumatic broaching with the Woodpecker

Oscillation with a frequency of 70Hz

Accurate shaping of the femoral canal provides improved fit. Gaps between the bone and the prosthesis are avoided. Non-physiological dilation of the femur, damage to the cortical bone and fissures are minimized substantially.

The high-frequency axial impulses of The Woodpecker reduce operation time.

Like thousands of other Surgeons have already discovered, you too will agree that
The Woodpecker gives you precise control, yielding consistent results; every time.

Axial force of no more than 1 Newton

The extremely low-level impulses of The Woodpecker

Minimizes Hoop stresses and decreases the bone marrow emboli risk.

Lower the risk of femoral fractures caused by excessive radial forces


Broaches or Adapters can be orientated in 90° increments to accommodate Surgeon preference or approach.